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Monday, 22 April 2024







Our philosophy

Our team has the goal of giving everyone the opportunity to try driving experiences adrenaline aboard powerful car or train the everyday motorist to drive safely through refined driving techniques.
All these activities have the common denomitatore our passion for the world of motorsport and driving, sports and entertainment.
The experience gained through years of races and classes is the guarantee of advice compententi and targeted to the needs of the individual rider.
Kindness and helpfulness are our watchword, convinced that this makes a difference in the relationship between coach and client.


Our main activities

driving a seaters competition car
     An adrenaline fueled driving experience on board a real race car
Safe driving school
     A course for all drivers who want to improve their driving skills on the roads everyday
Racing driving school
     A course for those who want to bring the world of track and who wants to learn what are the basic techniques
Driving a GT
     An adrenaline fueled driving experience on board a GT: Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche.
Driving a Rally Car
     An experience for lovers of racing cars rally
Attend a Grand Prix
     Offers a unique experience. Sareta driving a race car during a real race with time and award ceremonies.